Tuesday, April 27, 2004

So Fiona's sporting a nice shiner right now and looks like an abused child. She was holding her bottle of Flinstones vitamins begging to have one while climbing up the side of a dining room chair. She slipped off the rung of the chair and hit her head on the arm of another chair and smacked herself in the eye with the vitamin bottle. She wanted a bandaid, but it's a little difficult to bandage an eyelid. I put one on her hand instead and she was happy with that. The swelling is down today but it turned a lovely shade of brownish yellow.

We've finally, I think, decided on paint colors for the inside of the house. If the escrow company ever calls us to sign the papers we should have our keys by the end of the week! Yay! We're going to have a three day painting extravaganza this weekend and will hopefully finish everything up so that we can move in right after we get back from California/New Hampshire.
You know what I'm excited about? Even more than moving into the new house?

DISNEYLAND! Yippee! Two more weeks!

Monday, April 12, 2004

We were playing "I spy" tonight. I spy something....purple! Fiona loves playing, but doesn't quite get the gist. She plays like this, "I spy something...Ellis!" "I spy something...scissors!" "I spy something...clothes!" She's silly.

So it turns out the garage door breaking totally wasn't my fault. The main spring broke in half because it was rusted through. I can't wait to move out of this falling-apart house.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter morning! Fiona found all the eggs and goodies the Easter bunny hid and had about 100,000 calories of pure sugar for breakfast. We called all the grandparents and great-grandma (who gave me a guilt trip about not baptizing Fiona - no rest for the wicked, I guess great-grandma doesn't take holidays off from scolding). Now Fiona has her bunny ears on, is referring to herself in the third person as "the easter bunny" and is rehiding all her candy. She is going to crash so hard later.

Ellis is busy eating all the Easter grass. His poop is going to be awfully fun to clean up tomorrow.