Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 in review

- Turned 31
- Bought a house
- Andre turned 32
- Trip to California to see Tamara and Mickey Mouse
- Moved
- Got pregnant
- Got unpregnant
- Fiona turned 3
- Got pregnant
- Stayed pregnant
- Planted some daffodil bulbs
- Survived Thanksgiving with 6 houseguests
- Fiona sick for Thanksgiving
- Worked 6 day weeks for most of holiday season
- Time off for Christmas
- Fiona sick for Christmas
- Was really lazy about blogging


I'm too lazy to have posted for well over a month, so I'm obviously too lazy to come up with excuses for lack of posting. Shall we just pretend like a whole bunch of posts were posted since November? Here, I'll distract you with a nice Santa picture: