Monday, December 04, 2006


Andre's mother is a saver. She likes to bring us clothing items from Andre's childhood to see if Amelia and Fiona might want to wear them now. Generally the answer is no, I don't often make the children wear boy clothes from the seventies.

Sometimes she brings us other items from Andre's childhood. This last visit, she brought Andre two small pillows that he had made in grade school home-ec. "Do you remember these, Andre?" she asked. "Of course! Those were my letter pillows I made. I think I was trying to spell my name, wasn't I? This one looks like a D and this one is an N, right?" Andre replied.

"No, you weren't spelling your name, Andre, those were your D&D pillows from when you used to play Dungeons and Dragons."

I learned so many things about my husband in that one small exchange.
A) He can in fact sew and his pretended ignorance in the area of button sewing is just a clever ploy to try to get me to fix his shirts.
B) Andre played Dungeons and Dragons.
C) A lot.
D) Andre is in fact a giant nerd.
E) But that's OK, because I think it's pretty cute that he made D&D pillows.

I'm putting them in the keepsake trunk so he can hand them down to the girls one special day. Maybe after he introduces them to twelve sided dice and a world of mighty warriors, stealthy rogues, and powerful wizards.