Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentimes Day!

I've never been a particularly Valentinesy person. Before Andre and I became a couple there were very, very few Valentines Days when I was actually dating someone, so I was always the bitter girl who got kicked out of her dorm room so her roommate who actually had a date could get lucky. One year my friend and I papered our dorm with homemade posters that said things like, "Happy VD! Cupid and his stupid arrow remind me of the time I punctured my hand on something sharp and it got infected and filled with pus." I know. What can I say? We were angry, angry women and it was the Deep Thoughts era.

Andre and I don't really do anything particularly romantic for Valentine's Day because it's a made up holiday. And when I typed that just now I felt the burning embers of resentment from high school and college flare up a little bit. Stupid Valentine's Day!

This year though, two things have put me in the Valentine's spirit. Fiona has been soooo excited about Valentine's day and made all of her cards by hand. She laboriously glued red construction paper hearts to doilies, decorated them with stickers, wrote all the names on by herself, taped mini packages of M&Ms to the back, and then added an extra horse sticker for the people she really liked. Her class party is today and she's been planning for days what to wear. How cute is that? I hope she doesn't grow up to hate Valentine's Day and paper her dorm with posters equating Cupid to pus. But I also hope she doesn't date anyone until she's 25, so I guess those two hopes are mutually exclusive.

The second thing that made me happy was a Valentine's themed craft exchange I did with a group of my online friends. We had a limit of $10 and the only stipulation was that it had to be related somehow to Valentines day. This was the most fun idea ever! I loved seeing what everyone got and I loved my present too. My friend Ginny knit me a gorgeous red scarf, shown here as modeled by Amelia:

I hope you all have a happy, happy day. Even if it is Valentine's Day.