Saturday, November 20, 2004

I'm a big fat liar.

Fiona keeps begging to play Clay on the computer (which I would link to, but Fiona is sitting here right now and she'd see it). It's a Playhouse Disney "game" which consists of Fiona bossing us around and instructing us on how to color in various pictures with clay. The pictures haven't changed in a year and there aren't enough colors to use. The sky always ends up green or the dolphins yellow and it just irritates me to no end. (Because I'm obsessive compulsive and I think that dolphins should not be yellow and the sky shouldn't be that shade of electric blue. It's just wrong.) Anyhow, for the past few (eleven or so) times Fiona's asked to play it, I've said that Clay is "broken" or "closed" or "we sent it back to the movie store" or whatever I think she'll believe at that moment. I'm doing a good job of modeling honesty to our daughter. But man oh man, I sure hate that game.